Missoula, Montana

Edward has had two weeks of grand adventures, but not much time to write a blog. We spent 13 nights in the American Heritage Campground in Olympia, Washington. We visited Isaac, Allison, Elliot and Emmala every day and Elliot came for three different sleepovers at the camper. It was a grand time of being in the big woods of the Pacific Northwest, visiting family, playing with grandchildren and relaxing. The camper was a center of lots of activities. One night the whole family came for a dinner of crab cakes, watermelon, salads and cornbread. Ted cooked outdoors on the outdoor kitchen, including making cornbread in the Dutch oven.

Edward in Missoula
Today, the camper was packed up and ready to roll by about 8 am, and after saying goodbye and taking a few more pictures, we got on the road. Traffic wasn’t too bad from Olympia to Auburn. The climb up Snoqualmie Pass wasn’t too bad and there weren’t too many traffic or construction delays. But Olympia to Missoula is a long day. We had planned to stop earlier, but had trouble finding a campground with room for us with no reservations.

We finally got set up by about 9 pm, had a delicious salad for supper and settled in for an early evening. There will be more adventures tomorrow.

The Bear Family Comes to Visit

For this trip, Edward knew that Baloo, a bear that had been Isaac’s when he was a little boy, was traveling in the camper in the toy cupboard. Elliot was very excited tonight because Elliot was coming for a sleepover. And there was another surprise. Elliot brought the entire bear family to sleep with him and to meet Edward Bear. So Edward and Balloo were introduced to Daddy Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Polar Bear, and Sister Bear. In their family, there is a Panda, a polar bear, a black bear and a regular Teddy Bear. They are quite a family. All of the bears got in the same bed with Elliot for a sleepover.

Bear Family Visit
Elliot enjoyed exploring the toy cupboard and reading stories with grandma and grandpa. There will be lots more adventures tomorrow!

Elliot in Camper

Olympia, Washington

Edward recognized the American Heritage Campground in Olympia Washington. He had good memories of staying there from last year. It was the place of the first sleepover with Elliot and many other grand adventures. He was excited to have a camping place for nearly two weeks with lots of visits from friends and family. The campsite was nestled in the tall trees with lots of quiet and interesting forest surrounding it. There was everything that the camper needed for a long stay. Edward heard a few bumps and rumbles at Ted made some small adjustments to the camper and got everything hooked up. It was good to be in Olympia and to know that there were lots of fun adventures ahead.

Edward in Olympia

Moses Lake, Washington

Edward in Moses Lake
Today was mostly driving. After visiting with Lois and Rick and seeing the lambs, the camper was on the road. It rained quite a bit, but when you could see out the windows, it was beautiful! The mountains of Western Montana and North Idaho were beautiful. Just a few fuel stops and the rest of the time they were driving - trying to get to visit Elliot and Emmala. It is a long way!

Edward and Slide
Edward Bear found a playground. If Elliot were here, he could go sliding with him. But it won’t be long before Edward can explore playgrounds with Elliot.

At dinner time, the camper stopped and parked in a campground in Moses Lake. There really is a lake there, but you can’t see it from the campground. People admired the boats on the truck as they went for their evening walks. Tomorrow we will bet to Olympia! Yay!

Edward with boats

Duck Creek Ranch, Montana

After a long hibernation, Edward Bear was excited to be taken to 5255 Waxwing Lane in Rapid City. It seemed like it took a long time for the camper to get ready. He could hear the roof being scrubbed and some wiring being repaired. He knew when the air pressure in the tires was being adjusted. But then the camper sat through a few rainstorms and some other things. Finally on Father’s Day The camper and the truck left the yard. And then they left the city. And then they left the State. Through Wyoming and into Montana, they headed toward the mountains.

Edward at Ranch
Edward was excited to see the sign with “Crazy Mountain Cattle Company.” But even after they passed the sign, it was a long, slow drive up to the ranch house. What fun! Lois and Rick came out to greet everyone with hugs for all.

Lois and Lambs
The next morning they went walking around and exploring. Edward met Lois’ lambs and looked around the ranch. What a beautiful place! The mountains still had lots of snow and the creeks were running full.

It was a great start to a new adventure!

Edward in Barn

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