Big Timber, Montana

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Edward Bear has been thinking a lot about the weather recently. More specifically, he has been thinking about hail. Yesterday there was a big hail storm in Rapid City and Edward was glad that the camper was in its new home under a safe roof and protected from the hail. Then, first thing this morning, the trailer was hooked onto the truck and off they went for a grand adventure. They went all the way to Big Timber, Montana. Edward had camped at the river there before and it is always fun.

Then, a couple of hours after they arrived, Edward heard the sound of heavy rain that quickly turned to pea-sized hail and from then to marble-sized hail on the roof of the camper. He was all alone in the camper when it hailed, but soon Ted came by to inspect. There were no broken things on the roof of the camper and there were no water leaks, but Edward got to go out and look at the hail. For a while it looked like there had been a snow storm, with all of the white hail on the ground. There still was some hail around when it was time to go to bed in the evening.

Two hail storms in two days. Wow!

Edward is in Montana for a wedding that will be held tomorrow. Everyone is getting read with flowers and decorations and lots and lots of food. It should be a grand celebration!

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