Eagle Butte, South Dakota

Eagle Butte Cultural Center
Edward Bear was really glad when the cover came off of the camper and the air in the tires was checked and there were sounds of getting the camper ready for another trip. Soon it was parked alongside the garage and people were coming and going with clean sheets and groceries and all of the other things that meant the first trip of the year was about to begin. After a long winter’s hibernation any trip would be good news for Edward.

This destination had such an interesting name: “Eagle Butte.” Edward didn’t know if it was far away or very close. It turned out that it was pretty close. A couple of hours of being towed behind the pickup and the camper was being backed into its parking place next to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Cultural Center in Eagle Butte.

The Cheyenne River Reservation is home to many Dakota and Lakota tribal members. Before settlement, it was prime buffalo country and a favorite region for Sitting Bull. It is not far from Green Grass and Takini and other important historical places.

Edward and his family get two nights in the camper on this trip as they visit with friends and share sacred conversations with our friends and partners.

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