Wolf Creek Lodge, Idaho

edward bare 2018-08-27
Edward has known for several days that the camper was being prepared to roll and he suspected that it would be heading toward South Dakota. That is home for Edward and he likes his home. But he had real mixed feelings when he though about leaving Mount Vernon. The sleepovers with Elliot and Emmala were wonderful and he had gotten used to being hugged by those two and by Eliza as well. Edward liked all of the company that he had in the camper. Rachel even came for a week and one night there was a grand sleepover with Elliot, Emmala and Rachel! It has been a wonderful summer and heading back to South Dakota means that fall is coming and for Edward, it means that hibernation can't be all that far behind. Edward doesn't mind hibernating. He's always up for a nap.

As the camper made its way sough to Highway 2, Edward had a quick thought: "What if we make it to St. Regis, Montana? That's where you can get a huckleberry shake. Edward likes huckleberry shakes. They are his favorite for sure.

edward bear 2018-08-27-2
As it turned out, the camper didn't go quite that far. They made it all the way across Washington and into Idaho, but stopped at Wolf Creek Lodge, which is just past Coeur d'Alene. Our d'Alene means "Heart of the Mountains" in French, and it really is in the heart of the mountains. And there is a big beautiful lake at Coeur d'Alene. Edward thought everything was pretty interesting. He took a look at the creek that runs down to the lake. There are canoes and kayaks and inner tubes for floating on the creek. The campground is pretty close to the Interstate, so there is a bit of highway noise, but things are very nice and Edward settled in for the night.

Just a few days and the camper will be back in Rapid City and getting ready to go to the storage place. In the meantime, Edward is getting ready for a couple more adventures.

Silver Lake Washington


First of all, it is important to note that there are several lakes named Silver Lake in Washington. This is the one that is on the way to Mount Baker in Whatcom County, just a little bit south of the Canadian Line in the Northwest corner of the state. Edward is camping here with Elliot and Emmala and Susan and Ted. It is beautiful campground run by Whatcom County, situated in a grove of tall trees, with ferns growing underneath. There are lots of giant cedar trees and there are also the stumps of trees that were even bigger than the ones that are stretching to the sky. It smells good in the cedar forest and the cool was welcome as it was over 90 degrees in Clear Lake when the group left to go up the road to this special camping place.

Elliot and Emmala paddled the yellow boat in the lake and Grandpa Ted gave boat rides in one of his cedar boats. Edward thought that it was neat that the boat is made out of the same kind of wood as is growing in the forest. Elliot and Emmala have been learning about campfire cooking this summer, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and marshmallows over an open fire. They had pigs in a blanket and corn on the cob for supper tonight. Edward wondered if there were any fish in the lake. They saw people fishing, but they didn't see anyone catching a fish.

Elliot and Emmala were good campers. They picked up bags of trash that had been left behind by other campers and helped to make the campground better for the next visitors. This is just a one day trip, a fun time after a busy week and before the weekend comes. Edward knows that there are new adventures ahead.

Ferndale and Clear Lake Washington

Edward Bear has been having so much fun that there hasn't been much time to write about all of his adventures. Last week, on Thursday, Edward, Elliot and Emmala went with Grandma and Grandpa in the camper to Ferndale, where they stayed at the Cedars RV park. On Friday they took the truck on a ferry to Lummi Island where they explored. The RV resort was full of fun activities: swimming, playground, climbing tree, bike rides and more. The crew cooked outside on the campfire and had ice cream from the camp store.

Then a dog, who wasn't properly restrained by his owners, ran and bit Elliot as he was riding his bike. Elliot was very brave, but he had to go to the Emergency Room to get his injury treated. The wound wasn't too deep, but it had to be closed with steri-strips and a dressing applied. Elliot went home with his father to stay in his own bed, so Emmala had a night in the camper by herself with Grandma and Grandpa.

Since we got home, Elliot is healing nicely and has had another sleepover at the camper. There have been lots of fun days of playing and exploring Clear Lake.

Mount Vernon, Washington


Edward was excited! After three weeks of summer hibernation, which to a bear is just a nap, there was plenty of activity at the camper yesterday. Ted and Susan arrived from Japan with their backpacks and suitcases and Emmala came right over to play in the camper with grandma and grandpa. It was so good to have the family together again. Of course Ted and Susan were tired and mostly interested in getting to sleep, but there was a bit of work to set up the camper and get things arranged.

Supper was a picnic and grandma and the children made long chains of clover flowers. One chain was over 30 feet long. The giggles and fun were like music to Edward's ears.

Edward knows that there will now be a weekend of rest and relaxation and play and more exciting adventures ahead this summer!


Dear Elliot, Emmala and Eliza,

Today we are in Kyoto. It is the last city of our visit to Japan. Tomorrow we start our long journey to come to your house and back to our camper. We will be excited to see you!

Today we had an adventure! When we got to Kyoto and got off our our train, we found out that the tour bus that we wanted to ride was not running. We got instructions on how to use the city busses to see the things that we wanted to see and, after placing our suitcases in safe storage place, we took off. However, the instructions we got were not complete and the bus was stopping at places that were not on our map. Before long, we found ourselves far from downtown without a clue as to where we were going. A helpful person gave us instructions on where to get off of the bus, but we still didn't know which bus was the right one to get back on. Finally we just picked a bus and ended up at a beautiful shrine in a peaceful park with a gentle stream flowing through it.

We toured the shrine, waking on the paths and climbing up to a hilltop where there was a good view of the city. We drank some of the water that we had brought with us. We looked at the people who were enjoying a day off at the shrine.


It was a very hot day and we found a place where children were playing in the water and having a good time. Their laughter put us in a good mood. We found a bus that was going back to the train station and got on. It took it quite a while - about one hour - but it did take us back to the train station. We had gotten lost, but nothing bad happened. We got to see a beautiful place. We got to see children playing and having a good time. And we got back and found our hotel safely. It was a big adventure, but it worked out just right.

We will try to get a good night's sleep tonight and be ready for the big adventure of coming to your home tomorrow!