Custer State Park, South Dakota

Custer State Park
Wow! Edward got two camping trips in a row. Last week the camper went to Sheridan Lake and this week it is parked at Stockade Lake Campground in Custer State Park. The campground is a little ways from the lake, and you can’t see the lake from the camper, but it is a beautiful campsite in the trees and it is a quiet evening for outdoor fun. There was time for a walk before supper and a paddle in the canoe afterwards. Edward’s people went to Legion Lake and got ice cream at the store, but they didn’t bring any to share with Edward. It is a good thing that Edward his his fish! Two nights in the same campground will be a treat and a little break for Susan and Ted.


Sheridan Lake, South Dakota

Edward in the Canoe
After a long time of hearing about the canoes, Edward Bear got his first ride in a canoe this evening. The camper is parked in Sheridan Lake Campground with a great view of the lake. Ted carried the boat down to the water and Susan, Edward and Ted went for a nice evening paddle. The lake was smooth and it was fun to glide along with the sound of the water lapping against the boat. This is a very short trip. The camper is only 12 miles from home where it is parked, but it is a beautiful place to camp and to enjoy a short break from the usual.

Edward paddling

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