Duck Creek Ranch, Montana

After a long hibernation, Edward Bear was excited to be taken to 5255 Waxwing Lane in Rapid City. It seemed like it took a long time for the camper to get ready. He could hear the roof being scrubbed and some wiring being repaired. He knew when the air pressure in the tires was being adjusted. But then the camper sat through a few rainstorms and some other things. Finally on Father’s Day The camper and the truck left the yard. And then they left the city. And then they left the State. Through Wyoming and into Montana, they headed toward the mountains.

Edward at Ranch
Edward was excited to see the sign with “Crazy Mountain Cattle Company.” But even after they passed the sign, it was a long, slow drive up to the ranch house. What fun! Lois and Rick came out to greet everyone with hugs for all.

Lois and Lambs
The next morning they went walking around and exploring. Edward met Lois’ lambs and looked around the ranch. What a beautiful place! The mountains still had lots of snow and the creeks were running full.

It was a great start to a new adventure!

Edward in Barn

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