The Bear Family Comes to Visit

For this trip, Edward knew that Baloo, a bear that had been Isaac’s when he was a little boy, was traveling in the camper in the toy cupboard. Elliot was very excited tonight because Elliot was coming for a sleepover. And there was another surprise. Elliot brought the entire bear family to sleep with him and to meet Edward Bear. So Edward and Balloo were introduced to Daddy Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Polar Bear, and Sister Bear. In their family, there is a Panda, a polar bear, a black bear and a regular Teddy Bear. They are quite a family. All of the bears got in the same bed with Elliot for a sleepover.

Bear Family Visit
Elliot enjoyed exploring the toy cupboard and reading stories with grandma and grandpa. There will be lots more adventures tomorrow!

Elliot in Camper

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