Moses Lake, Washington

Edward in Moses Lake
Today was mostly driving. After visiting with Lois and Rick and seeing the lambs, the camper was on the road. It rained quite a bit, but when you could see out the windows, it was beautiful! The mountains of Western Montana and North Idaho were beautiful. Just a few fuel stops and the rest of the time they were driving - trying to get to visit Elliot and Emmala. It is a long way!

Edward and Slide
Edward Bear found a playground. If Elliot were here, he could go sliding with him. But it won’t be long before Edward can explore playgrounds with Elliot.

At dinner time, the camper stopped and parked in a campground in Moses Lake. There really is a lake there, but you can’t see it from the campground. People admired the boats on the truck as they went for their evening walks. Tomorrow we will bet to Olympia! Yay!

Edward with boats

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