Rapid City, South Dakota

After a fun day, everyone is relaxing and getting ready to drive tomorrow. We are heading north and west. Tomorrow we will be in Montana.

Edward has really had a fun time in the Black Hills and part of him is sad that it is time to move on. Tomorrow the plan is to go to Big Timber and the next night we will be in St. Regis - nearly to Idaho. Then it is onward until we get back to Mount Vernon and finally the camper will go up to the farm where it will play host to family members in a little while.

Edward loves trips and he loves adventures and this has been a long trip and a wonderful adventure. There are probably more surprises and new things to see in the days to come. Edward is happy to have the camper and a way to share in the family fun. He is getting excited to see Elize, Emmala and Elliot soon.