Red Lodge, Montana

Edward at Rock CreekIn the past two days Edward has traveled from the home of Ted’s grandchildren to the town where Ted used to visit his grandparents when he was a teenager. Red Lodge is full of lots of fun memories for Ted and he enjoys seeing the town, walking through its shops, looking at the magnificent Bear Tooth Mountains and listening to the gurgle of Rock Creek flowing through town. Edward likes the name of the mountains and the highway: Bear-tooth. Anything named after a bear must be a good thing. Many of the shops have bear- or moose-themed clothing items. Edward is also a fan of Huckle-bear-y ice cream.

Edward and the Wagon Wheel
In addition to visiting with Susan’s sister and her husband, Ted and Susan got to visit a local group home and meet some of the residents and learn more about services for persons living with disabilities in Red Lodge. There was also time for a short walk in the beautiful countryside and a lazy evening for this last day of this particular trip. Edward is looking forward to returning to Red Lodge in August when the whole family will gather for the wedding of a niece. That should be a good time. Edward is already missing Elliot and can’t wait to meet Emmala at her first coming out to this side of the family.

It has been a good trip - lots of miles, lots of adventures, lots of memories. Life is a blessing and the life of traveling with the trailer as a home suits Edward very much.

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