Clear Lake, Washington

Clear Lake EB 2020-06-21
It was a long day, with mostly driving, driving, driving. And the road was bumpy and the camper bounced up and down. Some things got shook, but Edward is always safe in his special place in the camper. There were two more boat inspections and a fuel stop in Spokane. Lunch was at Coulee City where Edward watched the seagulls landing on the water and then taking off to fly around again. There were three more mountain passes and a lot of traffic on the Stephens Highway.

Finally the camper turned on to highway 9 and made its way to Clear Lake. Edward was so excited to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza! There are a lot of things to explore here, but there will be time for that later. Right now, Edward is a bit tired and ready to sleep. Tomorrow there will be more fun.

St. Regis, Montana

StRegis Nugget Campground EB
Edward Bear's day started out with mostly driving, but there were some stops in some of Edward's favorite places. They stopped at Wheat Montana, where they have a bakery and deli. Susan always gets Almond Bear Claws, that to Edward don't look like bear claws at all, and Edward knows bear claws. The next stop was for another boat inspection station and then a rest stop and they got fuel at Missoula. Finally they arrived at the Nugget Campground in St. Regis. Edward has been to the Nugget before. It is an interesting place. There is a bear family for Edward to play with.

EB Sasquatch St Regis
And there have been Sasquatch sightings at the Nugget. In fact, there is a story that Sasquatch is the one who stole the nugget. Edward found Sasquatch and indeed he had the nugget in his hand! There are fun hiking trails at the campground and St. Regis is a great place for Huckleberry milkshakes. Susan and Ted had burgers and huckleberry milkshakes for dinner. There was even huckleberry barbecue sauce for the burgers! Yum!

You can hear the highway and the train from the campground, so it won't be super quiet, but it is a really fun campground and it is good to be west of the divide in the high country. Lots of trees and bushes and animals. Tomorrow the camper will make it to Washington! WOW! Washington is going to be Edward's new home, but it will take a long time to drive all the way across it. Washington is a pretty big state - not as big as Montana, but sill pretty big. Edward is looking forward to many new adventures. He is eager to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza.

Big Timber, Montana

Edward Bear had a false start yesterday. He thought that the camper was all loaded and ready to go on an adventure, but instead it went to several different repair shops in town and then came back home where Ted went to work repairing the wiring in the main junction box at the front of the camper. Then it was another short trip around town to make sure that everything was working. Finally the trailer was parked next to the garage where it stayed all night long.

This morning, however, things began to get going. There were several trips to the camper to get things to make breakfast and then, not long after breakfast, everything was loaded up and they hit the road. There were short stops in Belle Fourche, Broadus, Little Big Horn Battlefield, and a Rest Stop. The Mister E boat was on the truck and it had to be inspected twice.

With the early start, they were at the Boulder by about 3 in the afternoon after having traveled 400 miles. It was a good trip, with no problems.

Edward loves exploring the Boulder, stopping to smell the flowers, listening the the river, and looking at the Crazy Mountains.

This summer will be full of adventures and one of the biggest ones is that Edward is moving away from South Dakota. The place that has been his home all of his life is now going to be his former home. He is headed for a new life in Washington. He has very good friends there. Elliot, Emmala and Eliza are all waiting for Edward to come. This will be an exciting time!

Wolf Lodge, Idaho

EB 2019-08-21F
Wolf Lodge is a beautiful campground just east of Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. The lake is a very beautiful mountain lake and the campground is a place where there are lots of animals. Some campers have seen a moose in the creek by the campground. Edward was hoping to see a bear.

It is going to be a quick stop because the camper needs to get all the way to Big Timber tomorrow and Rapid City on Friday. That is still more than 800 miles to go. The camper rides smoothly behind the truck and the traveling has gone well, even though it was a rainy day until they got past the Cascade Mountains. You couldn't even see the tops of some of the mountains because of all of the fog and rain.

Wolf Lodge campground is a good place to rest for the night.

Mount Vernon, Washington

ED 2019-08-21-E
Edward was glad to have Ted and Susan come back from Japan. They were very tired the first night, but they had Elliot and Emmala for a sleep over the second night. It was their last night in Mount Vernon. Eliza came over for stories before her bedtime as well. It was a really, really fun time. Edward likes it a lot when grandchildren come for a sleepover. They are always kind to Edward and make him feel happy.

It was a little sad to think about leaving Mount Vernon. Edward knows it will be just a few more nights and then the camper will go into storage for the winter. Edward hibernates in the winter, so it works out all right, but he has had a wonderfully fun summer of traveling this year.