November 2011

A Moment in the Sun

John Salyes: A Moment in the Sun (San Francisco: McSweeney’s, 2011)

Sayles - A Moment in the Sun
It has been quite a while since I’ve tackled a big, 1,000-page novel. So when McSweeney’s sent me four selected chapters from John Sayles epic book, I was a bit skeptical. However, I decided to order the book and I was not disappointed. Sayles is a master storyteller and the size and scope of this book gave him the opportunity to develop a lot of characters and allow a very complex story to unfold.

Of course, such a book is really a lot of stories within the bigger story. From the Chilkoot Pass to the Spanish American War in Cuba and the Philippines with plenty of stops in between, the characters are engaged in adventure after adventure.

I remember when I used to look forward for James Michener’s next epic novel. Those books have been read and the years have passed, but I am definitely looking forward to John Sayles’ next effort.