Sheridan, Wyoming

edward sheridan
The sun is beginning to sink beneath the high mountains in the background and Edward is climbing in a very tall juniper tree. It smells good, like the cedar wood when Ted is making canoes. Edward is climbing to get a look at the Big Horn Mountains which are now casting their shadow on the campground. They are covered in snow. Edward is pretty sure that the bears in the mountains are still hibernating. Maybe that is why Edward is still feeling tired. He might have been awakened before he was ready to be out and about. You never know with a hibernating bear. The plan tomorrow is to drive up over the top of the mountains. Edward remembers seeing a Moose up there last year and he loves the high country, just not when it has too much snow. They may visit a medicine wheel that is high in the mountains. There are so many things to do in the Big Horn Mountains.

Edward has the sense that they are starting out on a very big adventure, though he isn't sure of all of the details of the trip. Edward loves adventures and is sure that there will be a lot of stories to tell about this summer. But for now, Edward is feeling like a nap.

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