Knob Noster, Missouri

Knob Noster SP Missouri
Edward recognized space 30 in Knob Noster State Park when they returned after only one day at Bucksaw Resort on Lake Truman. Things were a little different today, however. Thunderstorms came through the area and there even was a tornado warning. During the warning, Ted and Susan were safe at Rachel and Michael's and Edward was bravely staying with the camper at the park. The warning expired with the worst of the weather passing to the south of the park. There was some rain and the lightning put on a pretty good show off to the south, but there was never any danger for the camper or Edward.

This is a fine campground for visiting Rachel and Michael. Even when it rains, things are very comfortable. There are nice shower houses and the camping spots are far enough apart to afford some privacy.

The campground has more campers tonight. It is Friday and there are more people out exploring the outdoors on the weekend than was the case during the week.

Edward, as usual, is ready for more adventures!

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