Ferndale, Washington

Edward is checking out the new vehicle that Elliot made for him while he was traveling.

The camper and Edward are back at the farm in Ferndale. After a stop in Mount Vernon to unload all of the clothes, food and other supplies from the camper, they traveled up to the farm and the camper was parked next to the barn where it will be cleaned up from the trip and next week it will be space for guests when the family gathers.

Right now Edward is just enjoying not traveling. He gets to stay at the farm for quite a few days. Plans are being made for a camper adventure with Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza, but there are no long trips with miles and miles of travel planned for the rest of the summer.

It is cooler on this side of the mountains and there is a lot less smoke. Edward is enjoying those things. He is also thinking about the wonderful trip and the big adventure that he had in July.

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