Grand Island, Nebraska

eb in nebraska june 2019
Here is a mystery for you: Edward is upside down and backwards in this picture. Edward can't figure out why he is this way. He has turned the picture every which way. It works for the other pictures in this post, but he can't make this one appear right side up! Hmm. . .

Finally, finally, finally! It has been a looooooooooong winter! And Edward has had spring fever forever. But today, The camper was finally loaded up and by about 9:30 in the morning they pulled out of the driveway. To Edward's surprise, they headed south. First stop was Alliance, Nebraska, where they turned East. The road was bumpy. Ted has a way of finding roads that have lots of bumps, but Edward is used to it and he was so glad to just be on the road. He was wondering where they were going. In the middle of the afternoon they stopped in Broken Bow. Now that is a strange name for a town. It was probably a name given it by the Pawnee people, who spoke a different language. Then the name was translated into English and the town is known as Broken Bow. From there they turned a bit south east and finally stoped at Mormon Island State Recreation Area.

neb eb june 2019
Mormon Island isn't an island, but there are three lakes right next to each other. For that matter, Grand Island isn't an Island, either. Grand Island gets its name from a big island in the river that was named by French fur traders in the late 19th century. Mormon Island was the place where Mormon immigrants stopped to spend the winter on their trek from Missouri to Utah. Ahead was a long trip across Nebraska and Wyoming - hot places in the summertime, so they wanted to start in the spring and get as far as possible. The immigrants walked and had ox carts. Some of them had carts that were pulled by persons. It was a long trip in those days.

Edward saw a big Pelican on one of the lakes and found some feathers in the campground. It felt good to get out and look around. Edward hasn't spent much time in Nebraska, so this is a new place for him to explore. The plan is to go to Omaha tomorrow and stay for two nights in a campground there. Then, on Sunday, one more night somewhere in Nebraska, but we don't know where, yet. Stay tuned for more adventures. This summer promises to be a wonderful time with many adventures.

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