Knob Noster, Missouri

The Trip to Missouri was quite an adventure for Edward! From the Interstate in South Dakota, he could see the water tower of a town in Minnesota. From Council Bluffs, Iowa, he could see Omaha, Nebraska. From Kansas City, Missouri, he could Kansas City, Kansas. His trip took him through three states from which he could see three more!

The family is camped, for a few days in Knob Noster State Park. It is about 8 miles from Rachel and Michael's home in Warrensburg, and not far at all from the Air Force Base where they work.

Yesterday there was a wonderful birthday party for Rachel. There were barbecued ribs, coleslaw, garlic toast, birthday cake and Moose Tracks ice cream! It was a wonderful celebration.

Today, Edward has been hiking around the park. There are lots of trails to explore and lots of creatures. A turtle was walking down the trail in one place. Edward is looking forward to more days to explore this place. Missouri is a new state for Edward and he is having a wonderful time!

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