St. Regis, Montana


Edward tried a donkey ride at the Nugget Campground. He's been here before. They have lots of pretend animals and characters, including a bigfoot.

It was another smoky day, but the drive wasn't too long. The camper went up and over the Bozeman Pass and they stopped at Wheat Montana. Wow was that place busy! The camper was parked between two big semi trucks. It looked small in that parking place. Then they drove over the Tobacco Root Mountains and up over Homestake Pass to the west side of the continental divide. Still there was plenty of smoke. Lunch was at a rest area near Anaconda where there are lots of hiking trails, but Susan and Ted decided not to hike because there was so much smoke.

In the afternoon they arrived at this campground in St. Regis. They like this campground a lot. Edward has been here with them a couple of times before. There are walking paths and lots of things to see and do. They have a tradition of going to town and getting hamburgers and huckleberry shakes for supper. Best. Shake. Ever. That is what the advertisements say. Ted things they are right.

Tomorrow will be a short day, too. The reservation is for the Icicle River Campground near Leavenworth, Washington. The name of the river describes its temperature. It is on the way up into the Cascades, and it should be cooler and less smoky finally. At least that is what we hope. Then on Friday it is just a half day drive to Mount Vernon. They should arrive around noon to unpack and get ready for the next adventures. It has been a very big and a very wonderful trip. Edward has had a lot of fun and he is excited to get back to the farm to play with Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza.

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