North Sioux City, South Dakota

Today was a day to be on the road. The camper was packed up early and a little while after lunch the truck pulled it into the busy traffic of Kansas City. A short stop for gas in Jefferson City, like the Oregon Trail people, who provisioned in that city before setting out on their journeys, and it was an uneventful trip up Interstate 29, across Iowa. Just a couple of miles into South Dakota, it was a good time and place to stop and camp for the night. The campground is pretty busy for this time of year. The day was pleasant and the evening offers a nice cool breeze through the open windows of the camper. Full hookups tonight so that all of the tanks can be drained and flushed out in the morning before heading back to Rapid City.

This has been a wonderful adventure for the family, with a great visit with Rachel and Michael. Edward is excited that the camper made it to the homes of both of the Huffman children this year.

Winter is coming and there may be one or two more camping adventures, but soon it will be time to put the cover over the camper and for Edward to hibernate for another winter. He's starting to think about eating all of the time, just to get ready.

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