Gretna, Nebraska

Nebraska 2019-06-14
Ted said that Edward and the camper were going to Omaha, but actually the campground was in a small town west of Omaha called Gretna. The camper was parked in a small space right next to a camp cabin. Edward could hear the children on the deck right outside of the camper, but it didn't bother Edward. Ted and Susan were gone to meetings after they set up the camper and didn't come back until late at night. Then, on Saturday, they were gone again - all day - from early in the morning till after dark at night! But on Sunday, when they got up they got the camper ready and the whole gang, Pickup, Edward, and camper headed into Omaha. They parked right next to Countryside Community Church, with is a big and beautiful new church building right next to an Islamic Center and a Jewish Synagogue - all thee share what is called the trip-faith initiative. They are becoming good friends, even though they have different religions. It is a very special place with very special people.

Ted didn't get this entry in Edward's journal published until Sunday, and guess what? The picture is upside down again. When he flips it in the web program it still published upside down online. What a strange thing! Maybe he can do better with the next journal entry.

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