Missoula, Montana

Edward really wasn't all that eager to leave Big Timber, but there are great adventures ahead and he is eager to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza. Today the ride was fairly short with a stop at Wheat Montana. Edward heard that they have bear claws in that bakery, but he didn't get to go in and check them out and no one offered him any. Edward hopes that they don't come from real bears and he is pretty sure that they do not. After lunch it was a little while longer before they got to a campground in Missoula and set up.

Before long Jamie and Zach arrived with their two daughters: Faye and Edith. Fay is 3 and Edith is not quite 1 year old. They were lots of fun! They played with the toys in the camper and gave Edward quite a ride as they carried him around and jumped up onto the big bed. Edward normally sleeps on the sofa in the camper.

It had been quite warm and sunny during the day, but in the evening it got cloudy and a few raindrops fell. That was OK. They are still able to play outside and eat at the picnic table. The girls liked the macaroni and cheese and the watermelon the best. Edward was fine with his fish and enjoyed watching the family eat.

Tomorrow will be a big day and hopefully they will be back into some mountains before too long.

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