St. Regis, Montana

StRegis Nugget Campground EB
Edward Bear's day started out with mostly driving, but there were some stops in some of Edward's favorite places. They stopped at Wheat Montana, where they have a bakery and deli. Susan always gets Almond Bear Claws, that to Edward don't look like bear claws at all, and Edward knows bear claws. The next stop was for another boat inspection station and then a rest stop and they got fuel at Missoula. Finally they arrived at the Nugget Campground in St. Regis. Edward has been to the Nugget before. It is an interesting place. There is a bear family for Edward to play with.

EB Sasquatch St Regis
And there have been Sasquatch sightings at the Nugget. In fact, there is a story that Sasquatch is the one who stole the nugget. Edward found Sasquatch and indeed he had the nugget in his hand! There are fun hiking trails at the campground and St. Regis is a great place for Huckleberry milkshakes. Susan and Ted had burgers and huckleberry milkshakes for dinner. There was even huckleberry barbecue sauce for the burgers! Yum!

You can hear the highway and the train from the campground, so it won't be super quiet, but it is a really fun campground and it is good to be west of the divide in the high country. Lots of trees and bushes and animals. Tomorrow the camper will make it to Washington! WOW! Washington is going to be Edward's new home, but it will take a long time to drive all the way across it. Washington is a pretty big state - not as big as Montana, but sill pretty big. Edward is looking forward to many new adventures. He is eager to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza.

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