Leavenworth, Washington

Edward is checking out the icicle river. He didn't see any icicles, but the water was nice and cool on a hot day.

Edward is almost home. This morning we drove out of Montana and across Idaho and into Washington. Then we drove over to the Cascade Mountains. There is just one more mountain pass between here and Mount Vernon. It isn't very far from where we are camped. The camper is parked at Icicle RV Park in Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is a town that is all done up in a Bavarian theme, with lots of tourist shops, cafes, and entertainment. And today it was full of tourists as well. It was a very busy place as Ted and Susan walked around. They looked at the art being sold by the vendors and they got a dish of ice cream.

We got to the campground early, around 3 in the afternoon. That meant that there was time for a nap and time for a dip in the river. When they checked into the campground, the person said to make sure that food was secured at all times because they have seen bears in the area. Edward would love to see a bear, but so far there haven't been any that could be seen at the campground. Edward supposes that they come around at night when everyone is sleeping.

Tomorrow is a short drive home. We should arrive before noon. It has been a long and wonderful adventure. Edward loves adventures and this has been a really good trip.