Custer, South Dakota

Edward Bear's Campers
Edward noticed that there has been a lot of activity around the camper. People were coming and going. Ted was bringing things into the camper and taking other things out. One night Chuck and Sybil came and they and Susan and Ted had supper in the camper. There was a lot of talking and telling stories and laughing. Edward felt right at home. He liked sharing his home with these new people. Still, all of the preparation made Edward wonder about hibernation season. He knew that it was coming soon.

Edward Bear and the Buffalo
Then, on Sunday, September 30, 2012, Edward’s home was hooked to the pickup and off they went for a drive. The camper went up into the hills behind the pickup. It rained as they rolled along, but the ride was quite smooth. After about an hour, they arrived at Beaver Lake Campground near Custer. They all took a nap and then went out to explore. The bed is made up and Ted and Susan will be sleeping in the camper for the first time tonight. Ted cooked chicken and beans and biscuits for supper. In the evening they used the computer to talk to their children and to Elliot, the grandson.

Edward Bear's Rabbit
Another Edward Bear Rabbit
Rabbits running
One thing that is interesting about this campground is that it is full of bunnies. There are rabbits everywhere. Sometimes Edward could see three and four bunnies all together. It was fun to watch them run around. They really do hop. Once he saw them jumping over each other.

Edward went to sleep with all kinds of new memories dancing in his head. It seems that his home is headed for some grand adventures!

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