Hachinohe Fish Market

Japanese Fish Market
Dear Elliot, Emmala and Eliza,

We had an interesting experience today when we visited the Hachinohe Fish Market. It was in a very large building, bigger than Home Depot, and it was filled with people selling all kinds of things. Mostly the stands were selling fish - all kinds of fish. There were a few places that sold fruit, vegetables, cooked food and other items. There was a place where you could take fish that you had just bought and they would cook it for you. There were live crabs and lobsters. I've never seen so many different sizes of crabs, from some that were only the size of your fingertips to great big ones. And there were kinds of fish that I had never seen before. You could buy whole fish, heads and all, or fish without their heads, or just fish heads. They also had places with many different kinds of seaweed.

We wandered around the market, with all of the people speaking Japanese and all of the signs written in Japanese. We couldn't understand the words and we couldn't read many of the signs, but we do know how to read the prices. We bought a few things to try. Grandma and I tried samples of Squid Cake. It was like chocolate cake with a cream filling and the filling contained squid. Some of the cakes had squids on the top (not real ones, but ones that were made out of cake and frosting. Some were made so that the whole cake looked like a squid.

We are having so much fun looking at things and learning more about life in Japan. We miss you but we will have lots of stories to tell you when we get back.

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