Clear Lake, Washington


WOW! Today was a very exciting day. Edward got up early and they drove over the Cascade Mountains to Clear Lake, which is right next to Mount Vernon. Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza live right next to Clear Lake, which will be a fun place to play with boats when the weather is warm. Today there was all kinds of excitement as the camper got set up and the children came out to find the toys in the camper. Emmala enjoyed playing with the dishes and tea set and the Construx and Lego and other toys. Elliot had fun with Construx and Lego and Micro Machines and White Wings. The White Wings plans fly really well and one went over the ditch and into the field on the other side. Elliot and his dad and grandpa looked and looked, but they didn't find it yet. There was plenty of paper to make another White Wings Plane, so Elliot and Grandpa worked on it. It will be ready to fly tomorrow.

And tonight, Emmala and Elliot are in the camper for a sleepover. And Edward is sleeping with Emmala! It is great fun to be in the bunk beds and have a sleepover with the camper parked right in the yard of their home. Maybe tomorrow there will be pancakes! Edward is sleeping with good thoughts and knows he will have good dreams.

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