Clear Lake, Washington

Clear Lake EB 2020-06-21
It was a long day, with mostly driving, driving, driving. And the road was bumpy and the camper bounced up and down. Some things got shook, but Edward is always safe in his special place in the camper. There were two more boat inspections and a fuel stop in Spokane. Lunch was at Coulee City where Edward watched the seagulls landing on the water and then taking off to fly around again. There were three more mountain passes and a lot of traffic on the Stephens Highway.

Finally the camper turned on to highway 9 and made its way to Clear Lake. Edward was so excited to see Elliot, Emmala and Eliza! There are a lot of things to explore here, but there will be time for that later. Right now, Edward is a bit tired and ready to sleep. Tomorrow there will be more fun.

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