Rebecca O. Ulasich and Andrew Ulaisich, Stained: Stories from a World of Beauty and Sorrow, (Rapid City, SD: Shelter 50 Publishing Collective), 2016.

Ulasich - Stained
The Ulasich's got a lot of things right in their time of travel and living with people in diverse cultures and locations. They took with them skills of careful observation and the capacity to listen attentively. Unlike some who go to places of suffering thinking that they are the bearers of solutions, they were able to go, live with, and participate in the lives of those they met.

This book shows remarkable respect for those they have known. They were not careful to print photos that told someone else's story or to show faces of vulnerable individuals in a way that might betray the trust that they clearly earned.

Of course no one book can be a window that reveals the world to those who take a look through it to the stories that lie beyond, but this book is definitely one window that has been opened with respect, care and diligence to reveal a world that is seldom glimpsed by those of us who remain within the comfort of our lives of privilege.

The book is a delight and a treasure to which one will return again and again.